Hammer X8 drone with pilot, dop, and technician + Movi 10 gimbal: 1.700 Euro/day (for 12 working hours)
Inspire X5 raw camera 4K + ND filter set with pilot, dop, and technician: 880 Euro/day (for 12 working hours)
In case of travelling: 800 Euro/day for 3 persons.
By car in Europe (including fuel, highway fees, etc) 0,4 euro cent/km.
The transportation of Hammer X8 can be solved by plane too, but the LiPo batteries can be transported only by car or maybe by train.
Accomodation to be handled by customer.
Equipment prices:
Red Dragon 6K kamera 500 euro/day
Alexa Mini 4K kamera 625 euro/day
4x4-4x5.6 ND set (3.6.9-1.2): 40 euro/day
VCU4 2 pieces of mini engine: 160 euro/day
Cinegars LCS: 40 euro/day
Compact prime 9 pieces of optics (from 16mm, to 130mm): 700euro/week
Zeiss standard T2.1 lens (from 16mm, to 40mm): 40 euro/day
Zeiss high speed T1.3 (from 16mm, to 40mm): 50 euro/day
Arri 17mm-35mm vario lens: 60 euro/day


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