Black Sec Bt.

Black Sec Bt has been operating since 1997, always in a stable and reliable way.

During this period, we have experienced several reorganisations, always adapting to current business possibilities.
Since the foundation of the company, its management and owner have remained the same.
Our colleagues have been working in different media (both commercial and public) in the fields of cinematography, film editing, broadcasting and others for 14 years.

With respect to the needs of the media and commercial film market and the potential in Hungarian and foreign feature films (movies) more frequently shot in Hungary, Black Sec Bt. launched its OCTOMOVIE branch.

With our OCTOMOVIE services, we would like to support directors, producers or other professionals who wish to create a special visual world.

Our colleagues:

Tamás Varga
owner, cinematographer

Resourceful Hungarian amateurs built a unique drone helicopter, which is able to elevate a weight of 15 kilograms (which is much higher compared to other models available on the market). The price of the equipment prepared during six months is considerably less than that of the ’professional’ ones. With the eight-rotor vehicle, its makers can lift up cameras to shoot artistic footage for films, commercials, or the examination of industrial facilities….’

This is exempt of an article from October 6, 2012. This is where the story of the cinematographer, Tamás Varga started. He decided to create a small helicopter with a professional camera on it in order to shoot film footages, such as car chase scenes or sport events. The idea was followed by action, and the first ’feature film’ octocopter in Hungary was built. Naturally, the development of technology did not stop here, and in 2015, the purchase of the newest equipment took place. The years of experience and the strong capital of the company guarantee that the expectations of the client are met.


János Lázár

He has flown rotor helicopters and multicopters since the early 2000s. Every year, he finishes first or second in the flying competition organised by the ’EMH’ in the category of ’skilfulness’. He flies every day in order to maintain and further develop his skills. This practise guarantees the highest level of safety and the visual experience required by the client while flying a Cinema Copter.




For further information and enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are more than happy to help you, and give satisfactory responses to your questions.

You may contact our adventorous colleagues personally as well.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tamás Varga

Tel.: +36 30 371 7383 or +36 30 870 5050 team


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